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Liveaboard Diving to Mergui Archipelago

Seaking Divers and their team welcome you aboard their liveaboard ‘M/V Phoenix’.
We offer 5 days & 5 nights with 14 day dives and 4 night dives on our liveaboard the ‘M/V Phoenix’.
Each dive group is 5 divers to 1 PADI dive guide; for a nice relaxed dive in a small group.
We will dive all amazing dive sites of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar (Burma) has to offer, such as Black Rock, Western Rocky, Shark Cave, High Rock, Twin Cheeks and many more.

Itinerary of Liveaboard Trip to Mergui Archipelago
Departure Day
06:00 Depart from Tabla Mu
14:00 Arrive in Ranong, clear Thai Immigration
16:00 Boat departs for Kaw Thaung, Myanmar
17:30 Clear Myanmar Immigration, cruise to High Rock

Day 1
Dive 1 – High Rock
Pinnacle Dive Depth: 5 – 25m Experience level: Easy (Check Dive)
Dive 2 – 3 Islets (also known as Shark Cave)
Sharks, caves Depth: 5 – 30m Experience level: Advanced
Dive 3 – 3 Islets
Dive 4 – Night Dive Clara Island

Day 2
Dive 1 – Black Rock
Sharks and Manta rays Depth: 5 – 35m Experience level: Advanced
Dive 2 – Black Rock
Dive 3 – Black Rock
Dive 4 – Night Dive Black Rock (* only if conditions suitable, experienced only *)

Day 3
Dive 1 – Twin Cheeks, North Twin Island
Dive 2 – North Twin Plateau
Pinnacles, Ridges Depth: 10 – 35m Experience level: Advanced
Dive 3 – South Twin Island
Dive 4 – Night Dive South Twin Island

Day 4
Dive 1 – Burma Banks (* only if conditions are suitable *)
Dive 2 – Burma Banks
Lots of different Sharks Depth: 15 – 35m Experience level: Advanced
Dive 3 – Burma Banks
Dive 4 – Night Dive Burma Banks (* only if conditions are suitable *)

Day 5
Dive 1 – Western Rocky
Tunnels, nurse sharks Depth: 5 – 35m Experience level: Advanced
Dive 2 – Western Rocky
16:00 Arrive Myanmar Immigration plus town visit
17:30 Arrive Thailand, Immigration and continue to Tabla Mu

All Dive sites maybe changed due to weather or sea conditions for your safety

Liveaboard schedule 2013 to Burma
SKD 33—18/03/2013-23/03/2013—5D/5N—Burma
SKD 38—17/04/2013-22/04/2013—5D/5N—Burma
SKD 42—07/05/2013-12/05/2013—5D/5N—Burma

A/C Double bed cabin:
Mergui Archipelago — 5 Days & 5 Nights ——- 18 Dives ———— 39,500 Baht

A/C Four bunks bed cabin:
Mergui Archipelago — 5 Days & 5 Nights ——- 18 Dives ———— 37,500 Baht

Your Burma Safari
What is included:

• Professional PADI dive guide
• 14 day dives & 4 nights dives; total 18 dives
• All meals, snacks, fruits, water, electrolyte drinks, tea, coffee
• Small groups: 4 divers with 1 guide
• Access to recompression chamber and boat accident insurance.

Not included is:
• Myanmar, Burma entry fees, $250 US cash
• Nitrox Tank 200 Baht per Tank
• Nitrox Package 3,000 baht 18 Tanks
•Full Equipment rental is 500 baht per day (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel, Fins).
•Torches can be rent for 100 baht per day or 300 baht per trip.
•Nitrox tank each dive 200 baht

Myanmar ( Burma) Entry Requirements

Dive boat operators from Thailand make special arrangements to enter the Mergui Archipelago, which is a part of Myanmar or *Burma*. We do not use the same procedures as you would if you actually entered Burma by plane or overland.

A Burmese Visa is *not* required.

Burma entry fees are currently $250 US per person, per entry (*not per day*) This fee is required in US cash only, new bills required please (*no checks, credit cards, or other currencies are accepted for this fee*). This is the policy of the Burmese, *not* our policy.

Please buy the US dollars before you arrive in Thailand. * Foreign currencies are difficult if not impossible to buy here without a lot of work and wasted holiday time. *

If your country of citizenship requires you to have a Thai visa, please make sure you get a double entry visa as in most cases you will be leaving Thailand. So, please check with the Royal Thai Consulate in your country for further information.

They also require:
• Full name as written in your passport
• Passport number, nationality, and place of issue
• Date of issue and date of expiry
• Date of birth
• Gender

These must be emailed or faxed to us at least one week before the trip departs.

In addition, the following must be brought with you:
• FOUR copies of the front page of your passport.
• FOUR copies of the Thai entry stamp and immigration card (received upon arrival into Thailand).
• FOUR recent color passport-size photographs (Polaroid’s are fine).

Note: These rules change from time to time. Most of the time we can sort it out upon your arrival, but please have the above paperwork ready in a clean envelope separate from your other travel documents.

Please have the US cash in this envelope as well, *exact change and new bills*. This makes our entry and exit procedures much quicker and easier.